Monday, September 15, 2008

The speed of light

Not only did we prime the walls in the office last weekend, we also got both coats of semi gloss paint on the trim, the office painted and the hallway painted. We just have 1 more coat to do on the hall. I can't wait to post the photos- it looks amazing!

Once we are finished with this we are going to start sanding the stairs. We're both dreading this project. There is something about working with a sander that drys out your sinuses, eyes and makes you feel a little crummy over all. It's called saw dust. I'm just so happy that the steps will be done soon and we can enjoy them rather than dread them. We have come so far!

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1915bung said...

Nice work! That Blue really had to go. The Buffet look fantastic also.

There is a new Historic Homeowners group forming in Mpls. to offer grass roots support for those of us restoring our homes. Email me if you would like more information on it.

Keep up the good work!