Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We are almost finished painting!

Last week we took almost the entire week off to paint the house. We got elastameric paint, Convex, from Sherwin Williams and saved 50% through my work. It was still $500, but way cheaper than $1,000. The special paint is made specifically for Stucco so that it can stretch and breathe. I personally think the new color looks AMAZING!
Our accents, light fixtures, new screen doors, etc, will be black. Our fence is going to get stained an ebony color once the wood has dried next spring! Can't wait. Alot of our really expensive projects are coming to an end. There is still alot to do but I feel so much less overwhelmed. The outside finally matches the inside. We are no longer the ugly white house on the corner. We are offically the cute Taupe house on the corner!

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Far So Good.

So far I painted the base/ cinderblock part of the house and half of the chimney. I am a little frustrated because I asked specifically for flat, paint/ primer exterior paint and the woman gave me so paint with a sheen. Now if this was the case for the main stucco I would be furious. Since this area gets dirty I figured the light gloss might be nice because it will be easier to clean off. I chose a dark gray and the main color will be a grayish taupe. The chimney and trim are going to be white. If you check out the photo below you will notice where I stopped paint. Look at how bad it was!

We were going to get some stucco paint @ $50 per gallon. I found a paint called Convex- elastameric. They retail for $45.00 but with my work discount they come out to be $22.49. SWEET right? I was little concerned since we are going to need about 20 gallons. This keeps the paint so much more affordable without going cheap and getting paint that is going to need alot of maintenance. It's my birthday tomorrow, I have the rest of the week off and I plan on painting all week. I can't wait!!! A new paint color on the house is the perfect gift to myself!


Thursday, August 6, 2009


We paint the house!!! We will start painting the house next Tuesday. I picked a color with just a hint more of gray than the original color that I had used on our garage. I finally got the courage to walk up to my house of inspiration and knock. I told the lady that I am in love with her house color and I had to know what color it is. She was an interior designer and luckily for me we had the same color wheel. I am not in the mood to repaint my garage yet this summer but I'm sure you can barely even tell the difference.

Instead of using a sprayer we will be rolling and back rolling. Unfortunately you can't use a sprayer because it's not actually paint. Oh well, now I don't have to do any dreadful taping and covering windows, trim, etc. This should be pretty easy. One gallon only covers 40 sqft. Gulp....

Can't wait to post some photos!