Monday, March 30, 2009

Starting the fence!

This week I am getting bids to have people come out and put fence posts in. We will hopefully have a lovely wooden fence within the next 2 months. Our current fence is Horrid and makes the house look really TRASHY! The inside just looks so great now that I am just dying for the outside to match it.

One of my great friends, Laine, is going to be moving in with us in May for a few months. It will be a little strange going back to having a roomate again but I am just hoping everything works out. The extra money will really help out on the projects we want to do. The new guest room, our old room, is painted and looks amazing. You can't even tell that there was ever a popcorn ceiling in there. I LOVE IT! We are slowly doing the small things now that have been getting put off due to all of our rather large projects. I have been raking in preparation for Spring. I can't wait!!!!

We got a new foster dog, his name is Buddy and he has really bad arthritis. He is such a sweet pup.

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