Monday, March 16, 2009

The Upstairs is ALMOST FINISHED!!!

We had a very productive weekend! I scraped the entire popcorn ceiling pictured below in my last post. Under the popcorn ceiling was 2 layers of wallpaper. Luckily I was able to remove everything in about 5 hours. I've already mudded and primed the ceiling. It should be all ready for paint next weekend. I also primed and painted the walk in closet that had some ugly wood paneling. This is the last room that has been longing for some human touch and it should be complete by next weekend.

We also are also finished sanding the windows in the dining room- so I can FINALLY hang up my $300 worth of roller shades on 2 windows. Geeze.

I'll post photos next week when we are all finished so make sure to check back.


Ranty said...

Wow! When's the next party so I can see it??? :-)

Domesticated said...

We are going to do something this spring or early summer. It'll be our unveiling party. Not that we don't still have another billion projects to do, but hey- we're getting there!