Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guest Bedroom

We are finished with the 1st coat of mud. Taping and mudding really isn't my cup of tea but I'm drinking it anyway. Tonight I am going to finish sanding and maybe put up another coat of mud. In total I think we are looking at doing around 3 coats of mud. Quentin has begun framing in the new closet- it's going to be so cool! I am excited to just get this room finished. I am tired of all of the ugly that I've been forced to look at upstairs over the last year.

We have a new foster dog that we are watching. His name is Archie. He was dropped off to a kill shelter and was deemed unadoptable because he is ten years old. His owners said that they wanted to go travel around the world and didn't want him anymore although he's been a great dog. So sad. He is a little overweight but we are putting on a diet to get him healthy and slim. Our dogs are chasing him all over the place the way it is. He's getting quite the workout. I'll post a picture of him up here once I get one. He is such a cute, good hearted dog.

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Ranty said...

Wow, that is awesome about the dog! (*AND* the guest room too!)

I always wanted to foster animals myself, but I'm afraid that the resident junkyard dog would eat them. Maybe someday in the future...

Thanks for you nice comment on my blog too. :-)

PS Mudding is annoying, but you'll be really glad in the end that you did it slowly and well, because the results show forever.