Monday, September 14, 2009

My 100th Post!!!

I've officially made it to 100 posts! Who knew I could actually keep up with this? (Not that I've been doing the best job lately)

So we found the garage door of my dreams. I really wanted to have windows on the top of the door. Our garage is so boring and just doesn't feel like it's part of the house. So for $283 extra, we can add just a little more detail to make our garage more part of the house. Quentin isn't too keen on spending the extra money but I am going to veto that because this is the only time we are going to be replacing the door so I think we should do it right. Just think of the return, right?

Well we ended up going with a door from AA garage doors, that first in the phone book really works well. We got the same garage door as we would have gotten from Home Depot except it was $200 less. I was out sick with a cold so Quentin made the executive decisions. While I like this garage door alright, I would have preferred square windows and longer panels below them. This is the door that was installed yesterday:
I really wanted to incorporate the garage into the house, since the garage is detached. Unfortunately the windows on the garage and the panels just don't really flow as well as I would like them toPhotobucket
But then again, I just have to tell myself, It's just a garage. It's way better than the solid POS that was there before. It may not be exactly what I wanted but it's cute and adds charachter to the garage. Even if it does look a little suburban. Ha!

Other than that, Quentin has a majority of the gutters almost finished. They look great. The house just looks amazing from the exterior now. We are looking into updating the kitchen this winter as well as installing a 1/2 bath on the 1st floor. I can wait for the mess, I can't wait for a new kitchen!!!

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