Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Busy

Last weekend I decided that the front entrance of the house was looking a little drab. The fascia (I bet that's spelled wrong) is covered with white aluminum. The aluminum has probably been on the house for about 30 years, so if that gives you any idea of what it looked like. Most of the trim was streaky, or darker in some areas more than others. The dirt had pretty much just settled in. I decided it would be much easier to spray paint it than replace it. I went out and bought some flat white spray paint and got the enttire porch area painted.

I don't think we will paint under the eves or anything; just the areas that really need it. I also decided it was time to put up some new address numbers on the house and a mail box. In the picture below you can see how good of an accent the balck is with the colors. Once we get out black anderson glass door to the porch it's really going to look sharp... Oh yeah- and our lights. It never ends.

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