Monday, April 13, 2009

The fence is down!!!

This weekend we got our eye sore of a fence removed from the back patio. Now we just need to get in contact with City Hall so we can get the new fence process moving along. We were thinking of applying for a variance to make the fence 5 feet rather than 4. Being on a corner lot, and having the fence in our back yard and side yard makes a big difference. We want the new fence to look welcoming, but not so low that our dogs can spring over the fence. (they can jump about 4 feet high!) So that's pretty exciting. Now comes the funds. I'm so relieved that we are going to have some extra money since my friend Laine is moving in. We wouldn't be able to do any of this without her help.

I am dying to begin planting more of the plants on my plans for the yard. The first trip back is going to be pretty expensive. I have about 18-24 more plants to complete the area up by the house. My Salvias and cranberry bushes are already coming back. I LOVE plants! Gardening is so much fun and by far the most rewarding to me. I also seem to go broke everytime I go to Gertens if that says anything. Just 1 more month!!!

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