Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost Ready For the Holidays

The stair are complete! The trim is back on the baseboards and it all just looks amazing. I am so happy this is complete, and what a great result! We also got our Christmas tree up. It still needs a skirt but I'm having a tough time pay $40 for something that will probably just get peed on. I think we may just use pee pads for a skirt this year ;)
There is a little dust on the stairs from putting the trim back up.
Doesn't it look great? This will be my last post about the stairs I just wanted everyone to see the photos of our victory one last time- complete! Oh yeah, check out my favorite comparison yet.
What a difference!


plantingoaks said...

What sort of finish do you have on the wood? It is SO shiny!

Domesticated said...

Believe it or not it's a semi gloss. The product is called Verethane and it's water based. We got it at Menards for about $50.

Stephanie said...

The stairs look lovely! We need to do the same thing to our stairs, but have been putting it off forever. I'm inspired now!

Josh said...

The tree is nice, but that staircase is the star! What a great result-- congratulations.