Sunday, October 5, 2008

New dining chairs

We didn't really have too much time for any projects this weekend. We went up to the cabin this weekend to take out the dock. All weekend I have been dreaming about these great dining room chairs that I saw last week. After going to check them out again we realized that the chairs I liked might be better accent chairs. The previous chairs we had were your basic Ikea chair- completely uncomfortable. We went to Odds and Ends and found these slingback chairs for $79/ chair- that's a steal. I'm not 109% sure of them- just like everything else that I paint or buy. I just really wish that I was 100% sure of them.

What do you guys think?


Here is the view where I think they just look really big- Almost like mad hatter chairs. Am I crazy? I might be obsessing a bit.


Ranty said...

I think they look awesome.


Jen & Stan said...

I love the chairs - they are wonderfully easy to decorate for holiday tables. I do see how from the one specific angle they look a little big but I would guess that something on the table would change that view (a runner perhaps or a bowl or something). I think it gives you that feeling only because they are what draw the eye.

Sandy said...

Wow! Great looking chairs. I think you made a very good choice!