Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I've just opened another can of worms...

So you know how I was painting the front sun porch and I didn't like the color? Well, I changed it. I really like the new color. It's called quiet terrace and I thought that was fitting. It's not as neutral as I usually go but looks good.

So here is what happened. I bought some semi gloss paint to start doing the trim. Well, the paint was all cracked and the fresh coat of paint looked a little less than fresh. I was reading Ranty's blog (my real estate agent for life) and she had been doing some work with a heat gun. Well I got inspired and took on another huge project. I am stripping all of the woodwork of paint in the front porch.
I guess you really can't see too much of a difference in the paint- but I notice it.
I'm almost debating not sanding and staining the wood because this rustic look is kind of cool. Although I like a clean crisp look so I'm sure it'll be stained and sanded.
There are alot more windows to do... Plus I also began stripping the bead board ceiling... Yeah, you heard right. I am taking on the task of stripping th ceiling and returning it to it's natural beauty. This is going to be an on-going project but it's going to look SOOOOO GOOD. Everything has to be done right.


Jen & Stan said...

The pictures do show the color is a little warmer now. I can't wait to see what curtains you choose for in there.

Ranty said...

Wowww! Welcome to the strippers' club! :-)

I bet that trim should go really fast - you will definitely beat me to completion. As for the ceiling... lol... I dunno... you let me know how that goes! (I have peeling paint on my porch ceiling too, but I currently deal with this by simply never looking up.)

I can't wait to see the progress from phase #2 in real life.