Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally, some curb appeal...

We a planted bunch of shrubs and 2 trees this weekend- about 13 to be exact. Everything went pretty smooth. The most difficult were the sky rocket junipers at each corner of the house. It looks so much better! There is still so much work to do in the yard. Baby steps- right? This weekend I'll be doing our bed lining and putting down more dirt and mulch. I love gardening!

I really wish we could paint the outside of the house. I need to do some stucoo repair 1st and we know that is going to co$t us. I really do miss living in a great apartment, spending alot of money on new clothes, going out and looking great. I don't think I have even bought myself new work clothes not to mention clothes for me. Every extra penny goes into the house- and willingly. That's the scary thing. I love this house and I love making it beautiful.

June bugs are invading our yard. They are about as gross as the palmetto roaches I used to live with in Florida. I think they live in dirt. They come from under the ground. I hope they are called June bugs for a reason. I don't think I'd be able to deal with them in July and August as well.

Here are the plants!
We've got Magnolia trees, Sea Green Junipers, Summer Wine Nine bark, Cranberry something or anothers and rocket junipers.
Because you were dying for a closer look.


Ranty said...

Nice work! It looks really good for year 1. My experience has been that everything I plant looks like crap until year 2, at which time it usually comes back fabulous. So you're ahead of the game and have something to look forward to as well!

Are you going to plant tulips and such in the fall? *swoon* I can't wait to do just that myself... the HH doesn't have one single tulip or daffodil, and it broke my heart this spring to see nothing but dirt and grass.

Domesticated said...

I'm sure we'll probably plant some. All we had was some day lilys and some boring Hostas. The yard has to have interest every season, right?