Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of course...

I get a call from the taper this morning. He says that his car has been stolen and all of his tools are in it. What!? Why!? Why does this crap always happen when it's my turn? Couldn't this have happened when he was working his last job?

He went on to ask me if I could just pay him the amount for yesterday. Nope, not until the job is complete. I asked him when he planned on coming back out to do the work and I swear I could hear him scratching his head over the phone. After coaxing him to continue his job, we agreed that he could be there by tomorrow. Of course now I won't be able to go in and clean until Friday night because this sets us back a day. I have to buy him tools to use as well.

Ahhh, the joys of dealing with contractors. It's a lot different when they are working on your own property. Hopefully everything gets completed.

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