Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Crazy Neighbor

How depressing- It's already May 20th and I've only had one other post. This weekend we are going to finish installing the posts in the yard as well as begin constructing our panels.

This is very interesting... Last Spring was our first in our house. I had met this woman who lives on a different block that was thrilled that we purchased the house/ was happy to see us planting trees and doing work etc. I spoke with this woman about possibly volunteering for random things around NE Minneapolis just to give back to the community. She seemed pretty nice.

A few weeks after meeting her we began getting sited for different things around the exterior of our house from the city. They were dumb things like repairing or tearing down our dumpy old fence, clearing brush out of the back of our garage. We were repairing and doing all of this landscaping work to a house that hadn't been touched in how long, and here they are threatening to fine us for piddly stuff that is going to get taken care of any how. We were under the impression that the city has just been driving around and fining people. Well, I had my suspicions.

Once the fence was removed the woman walked her dog past the house again and was so happy that the fence had been removed. Later that day Quentin began putting the posts in. We are putting 6 foot posts in and cutting them down to 4 feet but need to make sure everything is level. Being a corner lot gives you a lot of restrictions. Around 8:30pm me and some friends are having dinner- literally eating dinner. I have a full plate of food in my hand. Someone starts banging on the back door. I open it- dogs are going nuts- friends are a little freaked out. There she is with her dog in the darkness at my back door. "can I help you". She said she just wanted to make sure that we knew the fence was way too high and we better take care of it before the city comes around. I kindly but firmly told her that we were well aware of the laws and thank you for your concern. I shut the door in her face while she began muttering something else. RUDE! She could see us having dinner through the windows and felt the need to interrupt as well as knock on my back door. WOW!

A few days later I receive a note on my garbage can that is telling me to water the trees in the front boulevard. Somebody (this neighbor) took the time to walk all the way home, write a note and tape it to my garbage can. How malicious. I have put in so much time to my yard and am very knowledgable when it comes to plants, especially on regular watering schedules and keeping them alive. This woman doesn't even live on my friggen block. The best part is that the 2000, and the 2100 block is full of shit hole dumps and this woman is out for me. She better pray that I don't find out where she is living. I will be outside of her home with a clipboard doing preliminary work for the city.


Garden Monkey said...

Jeez... I would be following her home to see where she lives :) and how many citable offenses she has around her house. It might be bad karma, but turnabout still seems like fair play. Hope she wears herself out soon!

RSP said...

O M G what a nut!! Like Garden Monkey I would totally follow her and find out where she lives. That's insane. She knows you are working on it! She's obviously on some kind of busybody power trip. As for the city, I don't understand them at all. I have been sited for stupid stuff, as has my neighbor, yet the house next door, the only rental property on the block, is a mess, with wood missing from the roof line and birds and squirrels living in there, trash/furniture in the yard and when I look them up online they have never paid a fine.